Work-Life Balance and The Modern Mom

For decades, even centuries, expectations have been placed upon women and mothers to create the perfect home for their family. Traditionally mothers were expected to be June Cleaver, raising the children and taking care of the household chores. However the role of mothers within the home is changing. With growing equality between men and women, and equal opportunity legislation, women have been spending more time establishing their career prior to having children.With expanded opportunities, women are increasingly taking on multiple roles between their careers and motherhood.
Splitting time between a career and a family results in a strenuous juggling act for many women. With so many demands on their time, many mothers consider leaving the workforce and staying home with their children. While there are women who sacrifice their careers in order to spend time with their children, there are also women who sacrifice time with their children to provide for their family. Both scenarios come with their own challenges, as many mothers find it difficult to balance all of their responsibilities.
While we are seeing growing equality of women in the workplace, we are also seeing equality of men in the home. Father’s attitudes have changed immensely in recent years. They are devoting more time to their children and engaging in housework more than they ever have before. Although the division of labour is often favourable for the father, this increase in support has made it somewhat easier on moms to manage responsibilities at home and at work.
Like many modern women, I have worked the Monday to Friday grind, commuted in rush hour traffic, and frequently experienced scheduling chaos. Although I claim to be an effective multi-tasker, my heart takes a hit each time when i think about balancing my career after marriage..Been Single ,as a traditional women in me wants to have the opportunity to fully commit to my future family, while the ambitious woman in me doesn’t want to abandon my career and lose my identity in the process.
These days it seems almost impossible for the average family to survive on one income,With the rising cost of living and all of the other expenses that come with raising a family, reducing husband n wife dual income to one will surely come with additional stressors. The ability to achieve a perfect work life balance will be different for every mother. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a mom that’s achieved a healthy balance of the two, you’re a woman your children can be proud of. Being a mother is one of the most challenging yet rewarding job a woman will have in her life. And while our attitudes towards work are changing, our love and dedication to our family will always stay the same.

By Kalpita Poojarthi

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